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Nowhere Escape

Whether you’re looting treasure from a pirate ship, ghost hunting in a haunted funeral home, or rescuing subjects from a rogue psychiatrist’s unauthorized experiment (adventure coming soon), Nowhere Escape will entertain, mentally challenge, and plunge you into another world.
The team that brought you Nowhere Haunted House now offers puzzle rooms loaded with challenging brainteasers, engaging sets, and witty gamemasters to create a distinctive and one-of-a-kind experience.

Buy tickets now and see if you can Escape from NOWHERE!
(Rooms open November 4th, 2023)


The Lucky Skull

The Lucky Skull’s pirate crew are ashore swilling rum while their ship’s disgruntled cabin boy stands guard. This famed ship is known far and wide for its priceless treasure hidden onboard. You are approached by the cabin boy with an offer “These scurvy dogs keep me as their bloody swabber, never to be a pirate. Come aboard, find the secret booty, and take the lot! That’ll show those bilge rats!” Beware, the pirates return from their rum party in one hour and if they find you plundering, they’ll make you walk the plank! Godspeed!

Eternal Unrest Funeral Home

A Victorian era mansion, used by former owners as the Eternal Unrest Funeral Home, is on the housing market. A frustrated realtor and terrified owner are desperately trying to sell the home but there’s a unique issue – the house is haunted! Prospective buyers have seen unexplained figures and shadows, and heard eerie whispers and screams. As a last resort they hired you – a group of freelance ghost hunters. You have one hour to communicate with the spirits and help them find peace.
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