Get out your knee pads cuz you’ll be so scared you will lose your footing! The details were amazing and trust me it’s not just humans scaring you! Keep your eyes peeled because you never know what’s next around the corner. Truly the best haunted house I have been to in years and the staff is amazing and kind!!! Great job to the creators! I will definitely be back for there year round features like Insomnia when it opens!!! Cheers 🥂
We brought a large group into the haunted house tonight and we had an amazing time. This is one of the best haunted houses I’ve ever been to. I love how they don’t send you in with a large assembly line group of people. The makeup and costumes were remarkable. The people who set this up did a fantastic job. Everyone needs to check this place out. You won’t regret it!
Nowhere Haunted House was amazingly scary ! I highly recommend this haunted house. We waited a short time in line, with scary actors and then entered. The attention to detail, costumes, stories in each room are great! We went with a group and were split into groups for more scare. Very fun and I cant wait to take our children back for the lights up/behind the scenes / low scare.
Had a blast! I can’t wait to go back in the daytime for an up-close look at the incredibly detailed work that was put into the sets. This is a well designed haunted house with some good scares, dedicated actors and even a few laughs. I was told they had been working on this project for six months prior to open, and it shows. Lots of passion went into this. If you live in the Twin Cities, support these folks! P.S. They have some great horror themed pinball as well! Elvira and the party monsters, Halloween, Nightmare on elm street, etc.
Out of all the haunted houses I’ve been to, this was definitely one of the more realistic and scariest experience I’ve been to. The actors are top notch and really put their heart into their roles. I was able to speak with the owner and he has some more amazing stuff coming up. I would definitely recommend checking it out! Did I mention it’s indoors where you’ll be safe and warm? (Well maybe not safe because of all the monsters mwahaha)
Went on a weekday with some friends and had a ton of fun. The entire experience was indoors, including the ticket booth and line. The actors really stole the show and made it feel alive and interactive. They were in character from the moment you stepped into the establishment and we got spooked starting at the ticket booth. The set was amazing as well and there are various themes present as you make your way through the experience.
I was so impressed by Nowhere. Our family is a bunch of scaredy cats (and one of us is autistic with sensory processing issues), so we were so grateful Nowhere offers a range of scare levels. You choose how scared you want to be – they can go all out and terrify you with no lights and lots of actors, or you can check it out with kids, lights on, and see how everything works. We chose the lights on version, but it was still spooky! It’s high quality, with great attention to detail. The actors weren’t “on” at the time because we chose low scare, but those who were there were friendly. Thanks for making us feel so welcome in your house of terror! 👻 totally blown away by the quality of this haunt.
Wow. Just wow. This is the best haunted house I’ve ever experienced. I had to hide behind my husband for most of the journey through – it is so scary! But really fun scary. The sets, the actors, the animatronics – they all work together seamlessly to lead you through an amazing immersive experience. It took us about 30 min to get through it – the perfect amount of time. I don’t think my heart could have taken any more!
One of the best interactive haunted house experiences I’ve had in a while! The actors/staff were so genuine and made the experience truly spectacular. Would recommend 10/10
Great fun! We were there last night. The sets and actors were great awesome and surprises at every turn. Lots has been put into this new business venture and can’t wait to see how it progresses. Check it out for Halloween fun.
This is a great place to have some Halloween fun anytime of the year! They offer great experiences for all ages, just checking their website for what’s happening each week! Amazing haunted house that can be turned into a scary escape room experience. The scarers do a great job and seem to love what they do which makes the experience even better!
Great haunt experience! The attention to detail in every aspect of the haunt – from the actors and costumes, set pieces, pacing, animatronics, etc. – are well curated to make each section memorable on it’s own. When we went, it was packed and we were worried we would be rushed through, but the staff did a great job at staggering everybody’s starts and holding up groups that were getting too close to the ones in front of them, and that keen eye is what makes these folks the best in the cities at what they do.
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